Trauma Informed Coaching,
Education and Space Holding


Being Trauma Informed means that i will assume that everybody has been through some kind of Trauma in their lifetime. While there are many different kind of traumas and many different ways in how we learn to adapt to it and its concequences, it has certainly been very helpful to create safe spaces in which we can find healing.

Having unresolved trauma can lead to many challenges in life and make this experience feel heavy, uncontrollable or simply unbearable. We can feel overwhelming emotions, shame or that our experience of a situation doesnt actually match the what is happeing. Little things cause emotions that we might remember from childhood or we experience flashbacks. Sometimes the only way to deal with this is to numb ourselves by binging TV Series or whatever helps us get away from the stress. Often the stress is happening in the nervous system which is reacting to things that it has marked as dangerous due to traumatic experiences. And just to protect us it will start its uncontrollable mechanisms to get us ready to fight or flight the situations. This comes with a wide range of emotions, sometimes without us understanding why all of this is happening.

Its is and has always been a natural process. And however our being is shaped by the experiences we have, it is also possible to reshape and change the way we live our life.

Trauma can be the underlying cause for a wide range of symptoms. From Depression to Anxiety to physical symptoms such as inflamatory and chronic illnesses. Especially somatic approaches can bring great healing to this.

In Trauma Informed approaches i am not leading, pushing, managing or directing anyone. The leader will always be the person on the journey of self healing.